Championship Football Club Nutritionist

The Role

This role is dream job material! As Nutritionist for a Championship Football Club, you will lead performance nutrition primarily for first team players and also the club academy. You will develop, implement and evaluate evidence-based nutrition approaches appropriate to professional football, in order to help the players perform at their best during training and matches. You will oversee nutritional data such as hydration status, body composition and macro and micronutrient intakes, and maintain detailed records of nutritional strategies and outcomes.

Why It’s Great

You will travel to fixtures with the team in order to aid performance and recovery, and will work closely with other staff, including coaches and catering staff in order to implement the nutrition strategy. You will need excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills, in order to build strong working relationships with players.

Must Have Skills and Experience

  • BSc. in Sports Science, Nutrition or Dietetics, MSc or IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition desirable
  • 3+ years’ experience within performance nutrition for elite sports
  • SENr, Registered Nutritionist (RNutr), Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) or Registration in Dietetics
  • Strong communication skills
  • An ability to translate evidence-based nutrition information into understandable and motivational advice for players
  • ISAK Level 1 accreditation
  • UKAD Antidoping advisor
  • A self-starter, capable of working collaboratively
  • Data collection, management and evaluation skills

How to Apply

We’d love to hear from you if you think your experience and skillset are suited to the role. Please send your CV to

Closing Date

We are moving fast on this recruitment as the team is keen to get someone on board quickly, so contact us ASAP!

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