How to find the right Nutritionist who will bring healthy growth to your organisation

It’s always an exciting day in the Nutrition Talent world when a successful candidate starts the new job we have placed them in!

We recently worked on a high-level search for an experienced nutrition professional for a nutrition-focused organisation. When we start a recruitment project, we often work with companies to shape the job description, helping them balance what’s possible and what’s not with regards to salary, location, skills, qualifications and experience required. In this case the organisation was very clear in their vision of the specific skills required from the successful candidate.

Five reasons we were successful in the search

  1. Complete in-depth understanding of what the role involved

The role involved very strong communication skills alongside scientific credentials and expertise in combining the two, translating complex information into messages for multiple audiences including health professionals. Our team has in-depth experience in this area of nutrition communications which enabled us to identify candidates who also had the necessary expertise including the very specific skills required to be successful in the position.

  1. Understanding of the organisation and their objectives

We have worked for, with and alongside similar organisations throughout our careers which proved invaluable in understanding the structure, mission and ethos of the organisation which is vital in facilitating a good match between organisation and candidate.

  1. Strong networks

Our strong networks were very important in this search, enabling us to reach the best candidates through multiple routes to ensure a good result for the client. We often already know candidates and have sometimes worked with them in the past, which enables us to provide further valuable insights.

  1. A personal candidate-centric approach

Our approach is very personal, and we have an initial conversation with each candidate before presenting their application to the client, to be sure they would be a good fit. Building this trusted relationship with the candidate is crucial to enable us to really understand their personal as well as professional aspirations, which has always been important, but which has been accelerated by covid. Building this understanding of the person beyond the CV and the qualifications enables a better match between the candidate and the organisation, leading to longer term career satisfaction.

  1. Close communication and teamwork with the client

Working closely with the client to truly understand their requirements is part of the Nutrition Talent service we pride ourselves on. This starts right from the first meeting and throughout the whole process. In this case, we provided an additional service in helping the client prepare for and facilitate a two-stage interview process, sitting in on the interviews and providing additional nutritional expertise to identify strengths and weaknesses of the candidates in different areas essential to the role. Working together in this way worked very effectively, ensured a robust process and a successful outcome.

What the client said:

“Nutrition Talent provided a smooth, streamlined process right from the start and really took the pain out of the recruitment process. Due to their professional experience in similar roles and organisations, they understood our requirements perfectly and the candidates they put forwards were all highly capable and relevant to the position. Their additional support in the interview process was invaluable in ensuring the successful candidate had the functional expertise we needed, as well as being the right fit for my organisation, which is vital as we are a small team. I was delighted with the ease of the process and the outcome.”  

Chief Executive Officer, nutrition organisation

A word from the candidate:

I was approached by Nutrition Talent for a role that was perfectly matched to me, and I am very grateful. I hadn’t interviewed for a role in years so Nutrition Talent provided lots of advice. They managed the whole process with ease, were super responsive to my queries and provided friendly support. I highly recommend Anna and Danielle.”

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