Nutrition Consultancy

Do you need a nutrition strategy for how your brand can engage with a key stakeholder group? Would nutrition expertise add value to your new product development project? Perhaps guidance on nutrition claims or nutrition labelling, or support for PR and marketing is required? The Nutrition Talent team is here to help!

Danielle and Anna are available to work on a diverse range of nutrition consultancy projects. Due to our extensive experience and skill sets, as a team we have had feedback from clients that we bring a diverse and complementary mix of skills to enable excellent execution of consultancy projects.

Our expertise includes:

  • Brand support – e.g. brand communications, input into media projects, review of websites
  • Nutrition communications – to scientific and consumer audiences, including support to PR agencies, writing – blogs, scientific articles etc.
  • Health professional communications
  • Health strategy development and execution
  • Stakeholder scanning and engagement
  • Input into health product development projects – including nutrition and health claims development and nutrition labelling
  • Recipe development and recipe analysis
  • Organisation of scientific conferences, meetings and roundtable events, including inviting speakers and stakeholders and chairing/hosting meetings
  • Scientific expertise – e.g. literature reviews, nutrition research, nutrition analysis, grant proposals
  • Workplace wellbeing


Nutrition consultancy projects undertaken for clients to date:

  • Analysis of current product ranges, benchmarking versus competitors and strategic insights for reformulation and product development to gain competitive advantage
  • Stakeholder (Key Opinion Former) mapping in various areas of interest to the client, along with strategic insights and potential personal introductions
  • Creation of strategic narratives developed for very specific audiences across multiple product categories and in different countries
  • Recipe analysis and recommendations for nutritional improvements including claims development

How Nutrition Talent Consultancy works? A one stop shop

We can work as freelance independent nutrition consultants on an ad-hoc project basis or be available for on-going support, offering the flexibility to suit your requirements.

This type of support can be beneficial if you have a resource gap in your current team but do not need to add an additional permanent team-member, or if you require external resource to implement a specific project.

Of course, if you have a project that needs a different skill set, level of expertise or you want to deliver work at scale and need additional nutrition resource for a large project, we have our Nutrition Talent Community to connect you with, ensuring a simple solution to get the job done effectively.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Our Services

There are many areas where our Nutrition Talent community can add value to your business. Here are just a few of them. Do get in touch so we can discuss your specific needs.


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