Podcast: Humans of Nutrition

We have set up the Humans of Nutrition Podcast as a platform to share first hand insights into the world of those working as Nutrition Professionals. A place to share the challenges and opportunities we face across multiple contexts including research, strategic planning, policy and the diverse practical applications of nutrition science, all necessary to ensure the people and planet around us can thrive.

We curate episodes to reflect the conversations we have every day and share honest human-centred insights from these wonderful professionals and those that work alongside them. Collaboration is key to how we work and we speak to exciting guests across many areas including sustainability, retail and the latest nutrition and health research. Listen in to hear the personal experiences, ideas and hopes for the future that these wonderful humans of nutrition have.

Humans of Nutrition Podcast – shortlisted CN Awards 2023 in category Nutrition Resource of the Year

S3 E1 - Nutrition Talent's 6th birthday!

Nutrition Talent celebrates its 6th birthday and to commemorate the occasion, Co-Founders and Directors, Anna and Danielle, take us on a reflective journey of the learning, growth and change they have witnessed and experienced over the 6 years of Nutrition Talent, under 6 themes of package and salary negotiations, career mapping / pivoting, presenting yourself well, defining success, sustainability and data.

S2 E9 - Christmas Edition

In our final podcast of 2023, we look forward to Christmas with guests Dr Emma Williams, Dr Laura Wyness and Kate McCulla in a (mostly!) light-hearted and Christmas themed conversation on a broad range of topics, from professional achievements of 2023, career goals for 2024, punctuated with talk of festive traditions and favourite Christmas tipples! Merry Christmas from Nutrition Talent!

S2 E8 - Conversation with Barbara Ruhs

Our first international guest, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Barbara Ruhs, joins us from Arizona, USA. Hear what’s happening in the States right now in terms of health policy, trends, and innovative initiatives. We connect over a shared passion – the importance of having nutrition experts in all food organisations, and how health can equal good business and commercial benefits. We couldn’t agree more!

S2 E7 - Conversation with Alyson Greenhalgh-Ball

Alyson Greenhalgh-Ball’s nutrition career has led to multiple and varied high level roles and her ambition continues to grow. Currently investing energy in her own business Conscious Impact, Alyson is partnering with SDG2 in the campaign “Beans is How”, an initiative to double global bean consumption by 2028. Spanning her early professional career, navigating adding value, making an impact and dealing with imposter syndrome, it’s an inspirational episode.

S2 E6 - Conversation with Matt Lawson

We speak to Matt Lawson, (PFA Dietitian, The Football Association) about his professional journey from studying dietetics to landing some of the country’s most coveted sports nutrition roles. It was a steep learning curve – his first encounter with a football club was a lunch meeting (you’ll be surprised by the menu!). We hear names of famous sports personalities but are left with the message that athletes are human too – living with medical conditions and need individualised and evidence-based support. All in a day’s work!

S2 E5 - Conversation with Gillian Purdon

Listen to Dr Gillian Purdon, Chief Nutritionist, Public Health Nutrition at Food Standards Scotland, on the opportunities and challenges of delivering on statutory objectives to improve the health of the Scottish population. For Gillian and her team, dietary intake data is currency in this landscape. We learn how they merge this data with the evidence base, working collaboratively with a range of stakeholders.

S2 E4 - Conversation with Nilani Sritharan

We talk to Nilani Sritharan, Group Head of Healthy & Sustainable Diets at Sainsbury’s. Hear how large corporations keep health at the top of their agenda, and the importance of collaborations with the third sector and investors as drivers for change. Nilani shares personal insights around the importance of networking, coaching and mentoring in career development, finishing with an inspiring look to the future of health and sustainability.

S2 E3 - Conversation with Markus Stripf

We talk to Markus Stripf, Co-Founder of tech company Spoon Guru.  We learn what robust methodology looks like in AI, food and nutrition, and how they deploy a ‘human in the loop’ approach – which refers to the inclusion of a qualified team of nutrition experts who constantly supervise the machines. A fascinating insight into an innovative world of new possibilities.

S2 E2 - A new career milestone featuring Prof Danielle McCarthy

Anna interviews co-host, Professor Danielle McCarthy, who Queen’s University Belfast recently conferred with an honorary title of Professor of Practice, in recognition of her expertise in applying nutrition science. Danielle talks openly about what this latest landmark in her career journey means to her, and she hopes, the profession.

S2 E1 - Unleashing nutrition podcasters

As we kick off series 2, and as we celebrate the ‘Humans of Nutrition’ podcast being shortlisted for the 2023 CN Award* for Nutrition Resource of the Year; we feel we can call ourselves podcasters! We reflect back on series 1, the feedback we have received from around the globe, how much we have learned from our brilliant guests, and we look forward to series 2.

S1 Bonus episode - Reflections of a digital nomad

Covid has undoubtably brought dramatic changes to the workplace, with many more of us working remotely some or all of the time. There has also been a big shift as to where in the world we can work, including the increasing trend of being a ‘digital nomad’. Our Co-Founder Anna recently had a taste of the digital nomad lifestyle. In this episode Danielle grills her on her experience.

S1 Bonus episode - When you say yes to a TV show

Danielle shares details of her first experience of being front of camera in a TV shoot. An experience that changed her mind on how the media, companies and nutrition professionals can work together. This was a ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ moment and Danielle is honest about her experience. She shares tips on what helped and went well, whilst also speaking openly about the challenges.


S1 E9 - Conversation with Jenny Rosborough

Anna and Danielle chat with Jenny Rosborough, Head of Nutrition at Jamie Oliver Limited. Listen in to hear her thoughts on politics and how they impact the food and health landscape, the role of regulation in progress towards better health and how she personally takes on the challenge of implementation at a time of inconsistency and stop start directives.

S1 E8 - Conversation with Zoe Kavanagh

Dairy, nutrition and sustainability is the topic of this episode in which Danielle and Anna are joined by Zoe Kavanagh, Chief Executive of the National Dairy Council in Ireland, a dairy farmer funded organisation. Zoe shares her view that sustainability is a big opportunity for dairy to restate itself as a highly nutritious food source produced responsibly at the centre of public health.


S1 E7 - Conversation with Cathy Capelin

Anna and Danielle chat with Cathy Capelin, Head of Health and Sustainable Diets at IGD who shares research from IGD’s innovative collaboration with Asda, Sainsburys and the University of Leeds which identified what was successful and just as importantly, what wasn’t, in changing shopping behaviours within retail settings. We also discuss HFSS implementation, great collaborations and career challenges.

S1 E6 - Conversation with Sarah Berry

In this episode, prepare to have your mind blown open to possibility! We chat to Dr Sarah Berry about the latest developments in the transformational research being completed by the Zoe Team and the phenomenal PREDICT studies. We discuss the frank realities of what life is like juggling being a mum, a world class academic running multiple studies, and part of an exciting commercial venture.

S1 E5 - Conversation with Jude Bailie

In this podcast Danielle goes on the road to chat with Jude Bailie, Director of the Warehouse, a place and space that helps support people in crisis, including housing a social supermarket. Jude shares what she believes those inside and outside of the community sector, who want to help everyone have access to healthy sustainable food, could and should do to improve the system.

S1 E4 - Conversation with Barbara Bray MBE

In this podcast we chat to our guest Barbara Bray who was awarded an MBE in 2019 for ‘Services to Food Nutrition’. Barbara has 20 years’ experience working in the nutrition and agri-food sectors. A lot is covered in this episode. From nutrition smart agriculture, nutritional needs for those in their 40-50s, the role of social science in health and wellness and that trip to Buckingham Palace!

S1 E3 - Know your host featuring Anna Wheeler

In this podcast we hear all about our podcast co-host and co-founder of Nutrition Talent, Anna Wheeler. In this interview with Danielle, Anna answers some big questions that professional Nutritionists face; How can we best communicate a complex science like nutrition? How do Nutritionists avoid being seen as the naysayer in an organisation? And the biggy: What is it like being a Nutritionist for Coca-Cola?

S1 E2 - Know your host featuring Dr Danielle McCarthy

In this podcast we delve into the career of our podcast co-host and co-founder of Nutrition Talent, Dr Danielle McCarthy. Interviewed by her fellow co-host Anna, Danielle reflects openly about her experiences across her career to date. She shares what areas she feels are critical to consider at this time and what she believes is needed for progress to be made.

S1 E1 - Being a nutrition entrepreneur

In this podcast Anna and Danielle share insights from their journey as Co-Founders of Nutrition Talent. They share how it all began, the professional and personal considerations that instigated their entrepreneurial leap, where it is now and their thoughts and hopes for the future of Nutrition. Listen in to hear their honest, very real perspectives of their Nutrition Talent journey so far.


In this trailer you will hear a little bit about us, what we do and why we’re launching this podcast. In this podcast we will delve into the world of Nutrition, interview expert guests from around the world and openly share our experiences and expertise.

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