Unlock value via health and wellness

Unlock value via health and wellness

What value can a Registered Nutritionist bring to your organisation?

New Product Development

The most obvious is within a food-based business, be that a food producer, manufacturer, retailer or caterer.  Nutrition expertise can add immense value to development of innovative products and services, identifying positive health opportunities through ingredient selection, recipe design and health messaging to ensure product optimisation from the start.

Nutrition and wellness trends present a clear growth opportunity across food categories. A skilled nutritionist can keep development on track to bring positive benefits customers desire, while also ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements, protecting brand credibility.

Policy Design & Implementation 

With the focus of numerous government strategies linking strongly with food and nutrition e.g. obesity strategies, salt reduction and the soft drinks industry levy, Nutritionists can play various roles for example, designing evidence-based policies within public health organisations and supporting their implementation within food businesses, health agencies, charities, local councils and communities e.g. within schools. Many organisations can therefore benefit from a clear nutrition strategy driven by a nutrition professional to ensure their practices are on track.

Food Tech

The value of nutrition expertise should not only be considered in the context of food companies.  Applying nutrition knowledge within digital tech is leading to significant opportunities in driving positive health behaviours. For example the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning  in the retail setting is helping provide personalised and pre-emptive recommendations in line with consumer preferences, taste and dietary requirements.  It is critical robust nutrition expertise is used to inform such practices to ensure their safety and efficacy.

Health & Wellness Communications

Evidence-based nutrition guidance can really help organisations talk creatively about the great work they are doing to help colleagues and customers stay healthy.  This can take the form of advising on PR and media, marketing materials including adverts, providing support for claims and nutrition labelling, new recipe development and analysis, scientific communications to health professionals and stakeholders, and importantly research and evaluation to measure impact. Nutrition experts can also add valuable input into reports to stakeholders and shareholders on the health impact of an organisation’s practices.

Application of these expert skills protect the company from the risk of misinformation, help drive scientific credibility in health positioning, reduce the risk of regulatory challenges, ASA complaints and detrimental press coverage; and ensure companies keep abreast of the latest research to inform their pipelines and practices for colleagues and customers.

Research & Development

Research and development can help organisations maximise growth.  Accessing nutrition expertise can ensure this growth is sustainable and delivers economic as well as social and environmental value. There are significant challenges facing our food systems.  A skilled Nutritionist can identify accessible ways organisations can adapt and deliver healthy, sustainable practices, including conducting original research. They can translate the latest evidence into actionable business guidance. These could take the form of impactful workforce nutrition programmes, nutrition knowledge transfer or building effective public-private partnerships in food and nutrition.

Driving positive change through food is a way organisations can help their employees and food customers make a positive impact today and for future generations. Nutritionists can support businesses develop solutions to today’s public and planetary health challenges.

Corporate Responsibility

With an increasing focus on industry’s role in public health, nutritionists can support organisations in their understanding of how they can best respond.  Nutritionists can help translate the implications of policy, help develop responses to consultations, support businesses to contribute positively to research and bring insights from their horizon scanning of the potential challenges and opportunities which could impact an organisation.

A Nutritionist can support the development and delivery of corporate responsibility strategies through engagement with external scientific stakeholders, and help robustly demonstrate the impact an organisation has on health and wellness.  For organisations with strong ambitions in health and wellness, a nutrition expert can support participation in advocacy movements, help form strategic partnerships and encourage innovative action through employee, consumer and community engagement.

Employee and Community Wellbeing

An appreciation of our personal health and that of our colleagues and customers has never been greater.  Companies looking for ways to support their colleagues and customers in this mission can benefit hugely from an experienced nutritionist. Identifying goals that matter is critical. These can range from feeling energised, to weight loss, to reducing risk of developing conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

As well as benefiting individuals, such practices have repeatedly shown improvements in job satisfaction, improvements in mood, reductions in stress and increased productivity.

Nutritionists can ensure employee wellbeing strategies are effective and truly support the development of great health behaviours.

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